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Michael Scofield

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Malcolm the Scrotum Monster and Fetishes [05 Nov 2007|11:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Ohhh, a daily blog - how long will this last. The day started around 7am this morning, when I decided "nope, i'm sleeping in today" which wasn't really all that long a sleep as I was up and ready by around 8:30am.

Off for the train at 9 o'clock but missed it by 10 seconds, able to hit my hand against the door and no more. Anyway, I eventually made it to Partick where I met John who had similar tales of bastard ticketbooth men too busy "cleaning" too serve him, the outrage! Onwards and sidewards to the university where Karen was glimpsed with a fellow mathlete heading home at 10am!! Yes, a one hour day - I hate comp sci.

So yes, being the good students we are we're sitting in the lab just under an hour before our first classes - what did we do you ask? Some java perhaps? You've started the algorithmic assignment already? No, we invented Malcolm the Scrotum Monster. Born a troll, he lived his life as his father-troll did and his father before him - guarding the bridge (for some reason unknown to me) until one day he was captured by a team of scientists to carry out one of life's great mysteries - "what happens when you transform a troll into a creature made of scrotums". Finished with the troll now that they had their research data they let the troll loose on the world once more as Malcom the Scrotum Monster. Bitter at his time trapped Malcolm began attacking travellers of his bridge. However he realized (a bit too late) that he was now made entirely of scrotums and any punch or kick was more painful than any pain he could inflict on them. One such traveller was a wise master who enslaved the hideous beast and to this day trains his students fighting on poor, poor Malcolm.

Of course me and John found all this hilarious and patted ourselves on the back at our creative genius but telling the story back to Graeme it lost some of it's hilarity and I think we'd be better with a target market of junkies and other such drug users.

The hour was up so it was time for PSD3 where Keir enlightened us with some horrible fetishes someone he knows enjoys. It consists of pretending to be a little girl while having sex with an old man, this would have brought up my breakfast if i hadn't ate so long ago. Obviously getting a high from his delightful stories we got hit with the image of him dressing up as Number Six from BSG, the idea that him and another DCS student have fantasies of one of our male lecturers(note, he was possibly joking but that's only a maybe) and lastly that there is a group of people on the internets that hate Screech from saved by the bell so much that they have fantasies of raping him and he knows someone who's a member of this site/club. What a sick bastard i've just described Keir as, he's alright really.

Anyway, after washing away that vileness I worked on the Requirement Specification for our instant messenger client with Craig which we speeded through and sent off to supervisor with vagueness being the name of the game.

Next was luncheon which passed by without much notice. Although I've started talking about money in terms of how much shortbread it will buy you from the QMU.

One more hour forward and we've got PSD3 again with a different lecturer this time. I listened for awhile, he was talking about things but when it got to an hour and he was still going it was getting a bit depressing. I was saved by Malcom the Scrotum monster as I drew various scenarios of a day in his life along with Clive the angry-snake-manager. It's gonna be a musical I think but we're still working out the details. The lecture finally ended around 3:45 and I headed up to the lab to waste time/ work on uni assignments. At one point two preppy girls, clearly not comp sci students walked into the labs and tried using the computers. It was funny seeing them try to use Linux but sadly they didn't get past the login screens. I spent the rest of my time having a general moan about C assignment with someone in the lab then left for Taekwondo.

Less people than usual were there but I finally got my outfit so I'm no longer an outsider, woo! Quite a few of the exercises we were doing were the sort of things you try as a kid like the crab. I had extreme problems with this and must be doing it wrong because I refuse to believe I just can't do it. My flexibility has definetly improved over the last 3 weeks though as I'm now touching my toes! Still loving it anyway, I wish I had started a martial art earlier in life and could be a black belt by now.

Finished off the night with the latest Dexter, it's seriously the best show on tv - go watch it now! Yes, you!

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Stress [03 Nov 2007|10:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Life has become far more busy and stressful since I last posted. I think it was late summer at that point where I basically had nothing but time. Third year began around the 20th of September with a week of "unix training" and a java test which I stressed over for him to never return the results! I bet he didn't even mark them.

After this the real classes started (of which I have 5) and with it began team projects! My first real experience at working in a team however Colin and Jan were both in my team, along with two guys I didn't know at the time - Craig and Nicky. The other classes aren't very note worthy, a class on algorithmics, c, java and interfaces which I've just listed in worst to best order.

So, with team's picked came the task of choosing a project that we'll spend a large amount of time over the year working on. Going through the list my personal choices were something along the lines of:

Building Evacuation Simulation (AI)
Explosive Devices Simulation
Aircraft Evacuation Simulation (AI)
Instant Messenger

which thankfully did match up with most of the group members, although they wanted to do a quicktime vr of an airport which although had pro's(security clearance for an airport) it had in my opinion big cons(it would have consisted of taking pictures and 'gluing' together).

To cut a series of events into one easy to read sentence we were given instant messenger, the groups 5th choice. I was and am fairly happy with this choice. It does have the problem of involving a lot of lower level hassle like networking protocols which we don't get taught until next year but no matter what project we got we would need to learn material from out with the course.

More time passes, with myself and John going to the gym for 8am on a daily basis then going to classes. Although I was progressing to a healthier body, being constantly tired and run down did have the disadvantage of making me catch colds easily.

A few adventures not to be forgotten (yet forgotten bar one) such as the trip me, John and Joe took through kelvin park. Continuing straight from the park, we walked on, through the nice areas, into the less nice areas until we reached the horrible areas where God offered us salvation, if only we passed his test. The neds however changed our minds and we walked right back to uni (and damnation).

Manly discussions of alan keys and shaving were scattered throughout the month while we drank our milk and did fist push ups. The very same day as the above adventure was to be my first day of training at Taekwondo! Some familiar faces from yesteryear such as Master Loh, who went to school with us, Mark (John's brother) and Brent.

Training itself was pretty tough and made me realize how lame the gym is where you never stray too far from your comfort zone. I was actually SICK in the bathroom, which hasn't happened since I was sick in the bin of Mrs McNab's english 2nd year class. After that I was fine though, albeit quite sore from the stretching since i'm terribly unflexible. Every lesson since then has been easier but I'm still needing more stretching so I can kick like someone who isn't 80 years old. The gym has basically took a backseat for now until I pass the pain barrier of taekwondo which will hopefully be within the next couple of weeks.

Assignments have begun (and ended in some cases) already which is a pain. Java one was fairly easy, took about 3-4 hours of messing around on the computer and coding every so often but C was terrible. Left it too late because java was due Wednesday so I started it Thursday with it due Friday. Spent from about 9am - 7:30pm on it with around 3 hours took out for labs and lunch, getting it running as a linked list but this was sadly worth about 3 marks. Could have stayed all night in the lab (like a few people did :-/ ) but my head was sore from looking at screen all day and I was just past caring, so that's the first assignment i've ever screwed up - there's been some close calls in the past but i've always came through in the last 30 minutes and got 9/10 or 10/10 but 3rd years different I guess. Anyway, got about 3-4 assignments due next week so this year is a pain.

I've been off work this week on a "holiday" which is great. It's been so long since i've been off on a Saturday and I got so much little things done which when I'm busy I just never do. Doubt I'll be working much longer to be honest, but being poor might be terrible.

I also need to see Karen more often, I think we've seen each other about four times between these two blogs but not working will most likely help that as well.

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Every Prophet in his House [07 Sep 2007|06:58pm]
[ mood | Happy ]

So, last time I updated it was the end of July and can't say I've accomplished much since then, almost 2 months argh. Stopped working so much 2 - 3 weeks ago which is brilliant, don't even miss the money.. that much. I finished Six Feet Under at some point and it has one of the best, most emotional endings to a tv series I've ever seen, loved it. So, what else. I have done things, cinema a few times (go see 2 Days in Paris - so funny), read books, watched tv shows, exercised but that's about it.

Last Sunday I went to Connect Festival with Karen, her mum and her mum's friend which was probably the most fun i've had for awhile. Got there just before 12 so went on the massive trek through a forest of mud to get to the festival itself. Had a spot of lunch, sandwiches on my part and haggis 'n neeps ( HAGGIS 'N NEEPS!!) on Karens part. Missed Patrick Wolf sadly but headed off through the mud again to have a look around. Not sure who we seen first but it's the first year of the festival and it had a much more laidback atmosphere than T in the Park which I liked.

Seasick Steve! Crazy looking hillbilly guy came out on the main stage and starting talking with the kind of accent you'd expect then he started jamming on his guitar. Could feel the bass running right through your body and he was actually pretty good but we didn't stick around long. Oh, the most entertaining part was his roadie at side of stage who was rocking out to the music, an old fat guy.

Next was Aqualung at another stage, I didn't really know them apart from one song but Karen liked them.

Newton Faulkner, again I had no idea who this was but Karen wanted to see him and he was actually really good. Actually entertained the crowd as opposed to just playing and disappearing like some bands do. Just lay back on a black plastic bag with Karen for about 2 -3 hours listening to various bands. It was very chilled out and nice.

Think we went to see Regina Spektor eventually, and the sun was out again. She was pretty good and very nice to the crowd. Not sure if we moved again after her, possibly went for dinner, a burger for me and stole some chips from Karen.

Basically just waiting for Polyphonic Spree after that, had some very long conversations with Karen, laughing about past relationships and other stuff. Polyphonic Spree finally came out and Wow! they were brilliant. I was not a fan of them at all beforehand, I only faintly remembered them as the weird band that had loads of people but they were just great, happiness in the form of a band. The singer was so full of energy, jumping around his arms flowing around. Hard to explain, just really cool. At the end they did a cover of Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit which was pretty cool.

More waiting for about 3 hours, just talking to Karen again until Idlewild came on at around 10:20pm. They were probably worth the wait, good band to hear live.

We left a bit early so we could avoid the traffic and I was quite worried that muddy forest we went through in daylight would be the death of us in darkness. Thankfully the festival organizers had worried about this before me and installed little lights along the path. Would def. be a great place for murdering under better circumstances though, creepy route.

Got back to the car and drove for a bit until we got to a B 'n' B which we stayed at. Had nightmares through the night, about Dunnes and an imaginary manager who had become a zombie/demon and they'd just left her in the stockroom. I remember wrestling with her trying not to let her overpower me and kill me, covers must have been too tight on me :p

Had this good plan in my head about getting up at 7am and doing push ups etc before breakfast but we hadn't gone to bed till 1am after a tiring day so that didn't happen at all.

Morning went down for breakfast and usually I only have toast or maybe cereal but felt I better have more since it was included. Had cereal, toast, sausage, uncooked potato scone (wtf mate?), black pudding (lost my black pudding virginity :-O ) and egg so was pretty filled up. Karen was still tired so she went back to bed and I read my book. This was the view from B and B below

Very nice area. Anyway, after that we all went on a drive to places I'm not even sure where. Stopped at a nice little place for lunch and I had..burger again, but this one was very nice.

This place was right beside the Ferry, so next up was..the Ferry! Drove around various nice bits of Scotland and it just really drove in how terrible Clydebank is, lol.

Dinner is ready so I'll end this quick - had a good time, and went to see 2 Days in Paris that night so overall a good 2 days.

Halam Foe is a weird film. Bye bye.

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Happiness [31 Jul 2007|10:22pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

I've just been watching Six Feet Under and (I mean this in the nicest way) I think this must be what a Dementors Kiss is like (see:Harry Potter). So depressing, I think one episode, season 3 episode 5 or thereabouts was really happy and everyone was having a good time which I knew was a bad sign and without ruining anything it's been depressing since :p Don't get me wrong, it's a very good show but I need something to cheer me up.

Karens back home now :) We went to see Transformers last night after I finished work and it was a fun summer film. I wasn't blown away by it but cool effects and big explosions ftw sometimes. The cinema was packed, usually I always go after uni finishes at like 2 -3 pm so I always avoid this, couldn't get a seat without asking people to move up.

Today I've done nothing, did my daily exercises in the morning and watched Six Feet Under all day which I'm gonna avoid doing again for the above reasons. Summers just a really boring time for me, and I feel like i'm just in limbo between the university year, working to waste some time. I should put it to better use, enjoy the free time while I still have it but I just want to get started with 3rd year now, sort of.

Suggestions for interesting things to do are welcome though may not be acted upon. I really want to start running, or cycling - just not in this area..

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You're a wizard Harry [27 Jul 2007|12:58am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hey, I’m rubbish at blogging these days. So since last time, I had exams during May. As usual it was basically studying the day before (or few days before for some exams) hoping I’d get through. Thankfully I did but I’ll never pull that off in 3rd year so I need to change drastically or I won’t be at uni much longer. On that note I’ve been thinking a lot and really don’t know what I want to do. Sometimes I feel i’d much prefer doing something outside, more hands on than sitting in an office 9 - 5 being a code monkey but I’ll probably be too scared to do anything about it.

At the very least I will never work on a shop floor ever again after university. I’ve been working close to fulltime for last 1.5/2 months and don’t get me wrong it’s not hard - you go, do the work then go home at night without having to worry but it’s just so boring, time drags and after the first week I felt like i’d been doing it a year. Monday and Tuesday of this week I did night shifts, 6pm - 6am which wasn’t as bad as it sounds, no customers at least but I was in a fair bit of physical pain from lifting heavy furniture and shelves all night.

I’ve not actually done anything fun all summer, just working and on those rare days off dreading work ;-) I think at the beginning of September I’m gonna try and get back to weekends though so I can have some more free time and see about learning Java and C before 3rd year starts (summer reading requirement yuck).

This blog is depressing me a bit reading it back but I’m fairly happy, just need to start making more of an effort to do things I enjoy and maybe start spending some of my wages :)

Her voice is hypnotizing, and it’s def not the kind of music I’d listen to but I am anyway. Not to mention she is quite pleasing on the eyes :p Alizee the french popstar for anyone who doesn’t recognize.

Oh, and Karen is back her SECOND holiday tonight which is good. Feel like I haven't seen her properly since before exams, I don't even know when. I have seen her but not enough, anyway, i'll blog more often.

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Life goes on.. [02 Apr 2007|02:53pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hm, so it's been about four months since my last blog but you haven't missed much. In January I had my first round of 2nd year exams and they never went great. It's getting harder to pull off last minute revision and I ended up failing Algebra (luckily not needing to resit though). After that was start of new term and new subjects which are going better, less boring anyway. I turned 19 at some point, possibly 10th of feb and there was some other celebrations at that point like me and Karen going out 2 years, Valentines Day. More uni stuff, possibly staying late every night in lab doing various assignments and then saying every time "I'm starting early next time!", which suprisingly I did with 2 of them, but they're still not finished and one is due 2 weeks from now. A week of maths tests which went from bad to okay, then back to bad and I was done for Easter!

Two weeks in and I haven't done much. At the start i went with Karen to Alton Towers in her new car which has been the highlight of Easter. Loved the ride "Air" and went on it three times since there wasn't any queues, being March. I still had a fear of roller coasters at the start but I eventually just put my trust in them to not kill me and I enjoyed it from there on. The gym! Yes, I'm finally back in a (vain?) attempt to get more in shape which i'm enjoying - it's a good start to the day and you feel good about yourself after you go - except from wanting to go to sleep sometimes. Still the usual mass of perfect looking people and body builders in the gym but it doesn't bother me much.

Karens birthday last week, went to see "The Hills have Eyes...2" with Karen, Rhuraidh and Jace despite knowing I wouldn't like it. It was brutal, almost as soon as it starts you see a woman chained up giving birth to a mutant and getting it pulled out of her by an adult mutant..then she's killed. After that you get a few horrific murders and then a rape scene or two, finished off with a "it won't ever stop" ending. Later on me, Megan and Gavin headed up to Glasgow for Karens birthday night out at Miso. The usual people were there (that I know) and Joe kept talking about dressing up in ladies clothes, perverts on the subway who like to feel up woman and "have you ever kissed a man?". I didn't realize there was such a strong theme throughout the night till I wrote that out. A few bands played but other than the middle one I didn't really like them. After all that a drunk Karen left for the Garage and myself, Joe, Leslie, Rhuraidh, Megan and Gavin headed to Subway before braving the 66 bus home. I didn't want to chance my luck at the time by saying "this is actually an okay bus journey" but it was actually okay! Strangely I go on the same bus at 4:30pm and it's full of neds... oh, and the fact I didn't have to pay any money to go home was nice!

A still drunk-Karen turned up about half an hour later then fell asleep to wake up only to be sick, nice.

Hmm, worked the weekend, that wasn't very exciting but we seem to be losing managers which is a shame.

This week I plan to learn the uni courses I should know this term but we'll see how that goes..

Oh, tv shows! Downloading like a mad man, seriously..

Lost, Jericho, Heroes, Dexter, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Dead Like Me, Day Break, Town Called Eureka, Skins, Dresden Files, Battlestar Galactica, Family Guy, South Park, Prison Break, Supernatural( not watched yet). Not to forget new Sopranos is due any time now, infact maybe already out, I'll have to check.

Oh, and been reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, starting the fourth once I finish this blog.

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God, make up your mind. [29 Dec 2006|11:01pm]
[ mood | okay ]

'Ello 'ello. What have I been doing since last we spoke. Not too much. Tried getting back into the gym but only went like 3 times before Christmas appeared, although I think I'll be going next week, after New Years Day whenever that is. I've been working loads lately, it's pretty soul-destroying. Finding a job you really enjoy even if it's barely enough to live on really is the most important thing. Although I am hoping for a healthy balance of enjoyment and money ;-)

Sunday, being Christmas Eve I somehow managed to get the day off work! Yes! ( as Joe might say :p ). Was feeling fairly generous with my nice bank account and bulging wallet ( argh, don't rob me, i'm rich by minimum wage dunnes worker standard! ) so went into Glasgow about 9:30am and got family & Karen an extra gift. Nothing exciting happened while I was there..

Didn't do much the rest of the day, watched the original "Miracle on 34th Street", it was okay actually :P Santa makes fun of a fat kid and a guy brushes his teeth then smokes a cigarette in bed, nice.

After that watched a bit of an old Doctor Who featuring the Daleks, ahh, it was great :D Dangerous mission, who should we send alone into the dark and scary alien forest? The little 9 year old girl, no one even said " oh no! don't go". This happened to her multiple times where the two adult men ( one being THE DOCTOR) and a woman were all just like " la la la" waiting for her to leave.

Hmm, much later watched "Crash", which Karen would never go to the cinema to see despite it getting good reviews. What a depressing Christmas Eve film to watch! Good film though.

Went to bed, couldn't wait for Santa coming!! Nah, sadly this year I really couldn't care less, wish I was still wee :-( Was woken up Christmas morning at 8am! with Erin wanting us to get up. Got some clothes, dvds, aftershave, family guy annual and a cool x-men poster. hmm, and money. Filled in my family guy crossword, had Christmas dinner. Karen was ill from drinking which is a sort of tradition now :P but she came up later that night. Exchanged gifts and I got a not bad haul

Family Guy Season 4
Family Guy Trivia Game ( a pattern is emerging? Fun game :-) )
Family Guy Movie lol
The Batman Handbook - The Ultimate Training Manual, so that's me sorted for my crime fighting days in the near future :D

Karens mum and dad also got me vouchers for Xscape to finish my snowboarding lessons :-o that should be fun, waiting till after exams. Oh, and decent snow gloves and socks :-)

Boxing Day.. back to work again, rubbish. I was in 9 - 4 counting the Christmas Eve money so I was kept fairly busy most of the day. Was actually not bad. After that headed up to my Aunts for a family party. It was pretty fun as far as these things go, I must be the oldest child ever who still plays pass the parcel heh. Oh, I bought Family Guy Season 5 and Steamboy that day during work.

Next day, Wednesday? Working 8:30 - 4:30! oh no, it was pretty lame but I survived. It was getting to the stage where I work so much it just becomes the normal thing to do, which depresses me even more. Didn't do anything that night I don't think, where did it go! Hopefully read something, not sure.

Thursday.. still working :-( Went to bed at 10:30pm on wed night and woke up at 8:10am starting work at 8:30, oh no again! Showered late that night so just got clothes on and ran for bus, it arrived 2 minutes early though so I missed it, the bastards. They then skipped a bus on the timetable and I got one at 8:32. A wee bit late, ah well. It was okay I guess, held on to the fact this was my last day till Sunday. Sadly I eventually had to go downstairs where the customers were being even worse than usual! Was standing at the fitting rooms ( beside the tills ) and this woman came up and was moaning
" I'm not waiting in this queue, I want my money back RIGHT now ". Err.. no. She just looked like an idiot, moaning over these £2 candles or whatever it was. Oh yeah, she was going on about how they're running the store terrible and what needs done *yawn* Was just waiting ( hoping ) she would say something about me because i was just standing idly at the fitting rooms humming the Strokes song that was playing :-)

Friday, also known as today I had to go to the doctors for the first time since 2nd year of high school, argh, was only in like 2 minutes though " You are perfection" was all she said and I left. :-/

Next on the agenda was the university library for some studying! found a dark corner where all the old math books people have wrote for no one to read sit. There was some old skeleton bones and someone had scraped the date into the wall: 5/1/89. The second part is true. The first might be. Analysis really is the most pointless subject ever! Still have to worry about it sadly :-( Got through about 2 and a half hours of letting Epsilon be greater than 0 before I gave up and headed for home in the rain.

When I got home Erins "Singstar 80's edition" had arrived, it's pretty fun :D It's far easier when you know the song before hand though, tried "ice ice baby" and it was terrible. I'm pretty good at it, not that it has any indication of how good a singer you are, but I can do tone, sort of. Deep and deeper. I like most the songs, the final countdown, don't you forget about me, atomic, tainted love, 99 red balloons etc. There's also a rock edition..hmm.

Ya, I'm just being geeky these days, reading books, watching tv shows - that's about it.

Listen to Cold War Kids, I smile EVERY time I listen to "We Used to Vacation"

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The Colour of Magic [23 Dec 2006|12:12am]
"That's what's so stupid about the magic thing, you know, you spend twenty years learning the spell that makes nude virgins appear in your bedroom and then you're so poisoned by quicksilver fumes and half blind from reading old grimoires that you can't remember what happens next" -- Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett

Good book :)
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White Rose Movement [14 Dec 2006|01:21pm]
The weather is insane at the moment, even for Scotland! Forget Lord of the Rings, I had the most epic journey ever yesterday just getting home from uni then going to Karens later. Trains were canceled and they never told us till we arrived at Hyndland so (some might say stupidly) we decided to go for a bus, however you need to know that we managed to get lost the other day looking for central station in Glasgow, never mind being in Hyndland a place I usually glimpse from the train. It was a bit like these horror movies where just before the (soon to be dead) teenagers arrive in the creepy old town the man at the gas station tries to warn them but they don't listen. As we were leaving a man sitting on the ground tried to warn us against it " we'll be fine.." OR SO WE THOUGHT, AHHH.

Following the direction of which can only be described as "Forward" with my navigational skills we just kept finding various little streets with no sign of a main road anywhere. Rain, heavy winds and the ever present hunger we were becoming desperate. I'm not going to kid you, I considered eating John a few times to survive, what other option did I have?

The giant talking steak John noticed a bus stop and it seemed we were saved! A 66 bus arrived and out of the chaos we realized what was going on - Donegal! I'll save that story for another day however.

Onwards with our story I arrived in the lovely Dalmuir. A little flood at the top of street but nothing to stop our hero - balancing on the big kirbs around the grass I slowly made my way round the maze of non flooded areas until I got to the end where a river of knee high nasty water blocked my last stretch home. I stood for about 5 minutes wondering what to do. Considered going round the back and climbing through peoples gardens but that seemed a bit rude, so I rolled up my jeans and was about to take trainers off when a car stopped to save the day. Ignoring my usual rule of Not entering a strangers car I jumped over and in and finally made it home!

But wait, I had a white rose movement gig to attend! Leaving the house with 2 essential thick bin bags for legs I slushed my way through the Canberra River with a surprisingly minimal amount of water leaking. Thinking I had made it I took them off and walked on to find an almost equally sized river on the outside street, again forced to put on my armour of bag legs I made it through and ventured on to try and get a 66 bus. Safe for now, I sat listening to some "Yeah Yeah Yeahs" but Donegal hadn't given up yet. The road beside the petrol station near Yoker Station was completely flooded and after about 15 minutes of sitting the bus decided to go through anyway, with the result of water joining us on the bus.

I finally reached my destination of Karens house about 90 minutes later but we lost a lot of men out there.

The White Rose Movement gig was good, arriving at 9:20pm thinking we would be late the 2nd support band hadn't even started. It was The Rubik's and I had a link to them earlier but I'm not looking again, top friend of WRM's myspace. After that was WRM, who were awesome as usual. Was pretty close so took some pictures on camera phone:
Click for PicsCollapse )
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Stardust [30 Nov 2006|03:00pm]
[ mood | worried ]

“I knowed a man in Paphlagonia who’d swallow a live snake every morning when he got up. He used to say, he was certain of one thing, that nothing worse would happen to him all day. ‘Course, they made him eat a bowlful of hairy centipedes before they hung him, so maybe that claim was a bit presumptive.”

– Quote from Neil Gaimans “Stardust”

Brilliant little fantasy book :-) It’s about a boy, madly in love who says he’ll go find the falling star and bring it back. And of course the crazy adventures along the way through the land of Faerie.

Nothing much happening these days, still a tv show addict ( Jericho and Dexter added to the already massive list ) and I’ve got back into reading as you can see above. Despite promising myself I wouldn’t my assignments are stacking up again and I think I have a few due next week, bleh.

Oh, I’ve ordered a contract mobile phone as well, those damn leaflet wielding people outside the QMU finally got to me after a year and a half. Sony Ericsson W810i if anyone knows what that is.

Maths to do, work to go to, adios.

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Microcontrollers, Locust & teh work [22 Nov 2006|05:23pm]
I don't blog enough, but I lead a fairly boring life so i think it's best this way. Today I accomplished a feat thought impossible by all to this point. I listened to my Computer Systems lecturer for the entire 50 minutes without drawing or doing anything else to avoid the horror that is CS lectures. Don't get me wrong though, it was hard - there was times when I almost never made it. By around approximately 11:30 my eyelids had started to give up, but I prevailed! Again, at 11:45 I was ready to give up for a small doodle in my pad, with people all around me luring me with their shaded drawings of boxes and shapes you couldn't even begin to imagine! Weak, but still motivated I kept my eyes open and took in his wondrous talk of microcontrollers and LED's, knowing what he was talking about only half the time. However what I gained from the almighty Mohammed can never be learnt from a book!

Nah, not really, it was pretty hellish.

In gaming news, Gears of the War is the best game i've played since the last "GoW" game, God of War. Amazing graphics, excellent gameplay and a co-op which ADDS to the single player experience - it's a must for 360 owners. Did i mention your gun has a CHAINSAW on the end of it?!

Oh, and now I'm almost late for work \o/ better go!
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f**k dying, I hijack a mech [31 Oct 2006|11:58pm]
[ mood | lame ]

Hm, did a big post moaning about uni but it was too lame, so to summarise:

• 2nd year at uni is shit, especially comp sci
- direct quote " we can't go on to this chapter yet 'cause it would help too much with the assignment"

• Won't let DCS make me hate comp sci, I still like it - just not the course.

• Maths is an option, but i'll see what my grades are like this year.

Hmm, what else, Heroes is probably the new best show on tv, expect it in UK eventually.

Life is extremely boring right now, hardly ever see Karen 'cause she works again and so do I :-( Need a break from uni, only been back 5 or 6 weeks :P

Ahhh well. Been listening to some Sci Fi Hip Hop, "Deletron 3030", pretty good :-) Reminds me of RJD2 which is some other weird trip hop, but in a good way. Kill Hannah are coming to Glasgow, first ever UK Tour :O Should be good :)

Had a dream last night where I quit my jobs at Dunnes and was working somewhere else. What's weird about this though is it was a NIGHTMARE. I guess for all my moaning I don't actually want to leave, but i'm sure i'll manage when the time comes for a better job :)

Next year - giant panda/ chicken suits but go to uni like normal and get ready to take notes.

Clocks going back, I hate it! I felt far safer in the dark mornings than I do walking home at night in the pitch dark, rubbish.

Politics, no, not really - don't care.

This is the kind of hair i want! I've got a stupid coo's lick thing at the front of my hair though, on top of the already thick hair, so we'll see how well that goes.. I think this is my 7th or 8th try at growing hair \o/ although I did shave it which wasted about 3 or 4 months, interesting!

Hm, another good band, Nemo, google 'Nemo international' to find them. Especially good song is "Living Room". I'd like to think people who like White Rose Movement would like them, but they supported Imogen Heap so who knows. Oh, and they have The Faint as an influence :D

Paid £30 even though I was skint to renew my gym membership and i've been once. Can never be bothered after uni, still doing exercise at home though so i'm not getting fat..yet.

Dunno how my mate finds all this weird hip hop, but look at the synopsis of this album..

"Dr. Octagonecologyst is the first album by underground hip-hop artist Dr. Octagon, an alias for Kool Keith. Dr. Octagon is an extraterrestial, time-traveling surgeon who pretends to be a female gynecologist and has sex his patients and nurses."

I hate the youtube community, what is this lonelygirl15, emogirl etc etc crap?! MTV dramas in youtube form, with the worst acting ever. And then some fat guy doing a reply video to it, ugh, even worse. No wait, the worst is lonelygirl15's "bf", argh wait, i've become one of the fat guys! noooooooooooooooooo.


Video on how to kiss passionately, but the site has loads of "how tos", like fold a t-shirt in under 2 seconds, always handy. Oh, and kill a vampire.

It's not so bad, it's not so bad. Off work on Sunday, lets have a sexy party.

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Scared! Teh Stalker [18 Oct 2006|07:03pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Got this message from a guy I know on faceparty, I sure hope his account was hacked..

"I have been admiring you from afar...basically thats my way of saying that i have been stalking you but this way i dont get a restraining order :D Obviously i think your very pretty as i would not stalk and ugly person."

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Shake it like a polaroid picture [08 Oct 2006|08:37pm]
[ mood | ill ]

Hey. New Killers album is pretty good, eh? Wednesday then, had uni during the day but that was too long ago to remember. Went home, had dinner then met, Leslie, Scott F, Scott Mc and Dorman to go up to the QMU. Geeky conversations were had but we made it there without getting beat up, mainly 'cause it was a wednesday night I'd guess. Shortly after we got to "Jims Bar" and met Karen, Jace, Greg, Joe and Keiko (aww, joe and keiko). Anyway, reason we were there was for the pub quiz. I was pretty rubbish, could do the computing-related ones and a few others but no history, geography or sport which luckily joe could do / guess at. Most people were drinking fairly casually apart from Dorman who was drinking everything before the woman gave him back his change. Suprisingly he got really drunk and started talking like a pirate, or an irish pirate, I dunno. Anyway, the end result of this was the quiz guy shouting "does anyone really want to win stuff" to which Dorman did in his drunken state, and got selected for the dance off against a drunk girl.

I warn you, if you don't know Dorman I wouldn't bother watching it, also, even if you do, the quality is pretty bad..

So, the girl won even though she done that same shitty one leg move the entire time. I think the reason being she finished by saying she was "sexually frustrated" and Dorman never, ah well.

We never won the quiz either but it was pretty fun.

About 11:30 headed back to Karens on the bus but this drunk guy got on and when the driver stopped he started moaning. Driver said he wasn't moving until the guy got off, they started swearing at each other. Eventually decided it wasn't worth it and we'd walk with the drunk guy calling us cowards and saying teenagers should be the one complaining and not letting them away with..um, 2 minute waits at stops. The police came as we were walking so we headed back in time to get the bus, but the drunk guy got left behind with the po-li. I dunno why the driver couldn't just ignore them, but I guess if I had that job and had little neds hassling me all the time etc. I would become less patient with them.

Some uni followed, but i was so tired that day. Unsure what I done at night..

Friday morning was payday! wooo, £160 so it was finally time to get another mac :D Headed into uni with John and went up to the lab so I could get the "Higher Education" Discount.

iMac 20"
2GB Ram
256mb gfx card

£1027.. can't wait :)

Despite the happy times started feeling really ill that morning, and being in crappy lectures while ill is the worst. Despite this stayed till 2pm then met Karen, took my old iMac to hers, set it up :)

Watched the new South Park at mine, the one about World of Warcraft, pretty funny. "MUM! Toilet!" Oh, the day before I watched first episode of season 3 lost! :O Still telling us nothing, don't think they ever will... didn't do much the rest of Friday night, just hung out with Karen then she slept for awhile, then I slept because i was still teh ill.

Saturday morning i was up at 6:50am for a fun filled day at work. They tricked me, it wasn't fun at ALL! Every so often I felt like I would faint, and any time I wasn't feeling like that I was blowing my nose /coughing, ewww! Did nothing that night, made a microwave dinner and watched mtv2 while on the internet, it was kinda depressing actually..

Sunday morning or today, still ill! :( Took some more pills but dunno if they're even helping. Didn't want to go to work but.. don't like not going so started the fairly long walk at 8:30am. Seen a girl from my work waiting at bus stop and started talking to her but continued walking and hit into a lamp post! Bloody sore, and a bit embarassing, but i dunno if anyone seen..heh. Continued walking anyway feeling my day couldn't be much worse when I seen one magpie ( bad luck to you people who don't follow superstious nonsense :P ) Arrived at work 1 or 2 minutes late, whatever, i'm a crazy rebel now, the law can't stop me. Not really, i basically ran to work, felt like dying again. 2 hours downstairs packing out childrens shoes, bleh. Did my thing upstairs for awhile then had lunch about 3pm. Seen Rhuraidh in iceland, which wasn't much of a surprise but was nice anyway. Bought 2x microwave chicken burgers which were kinda yuck but cheap.

Managed to get a lift home from Matthew which was brilliant and i just realized i've not sniffed or coughed in the entire time i've been writing this, excellent :)

Picked out a cheap windows laptop for Megan, made me feel a bit dirty :(

Mmm, what else, uni this year is almost certainly going to be harder than 1st year. To be expected I guess, but still a pain, because I think half the battle is getting a decent lecturer which i've def. not had any luck with this year :( 3 of my 6 classes are doing discrete maths/set theory which is pretty weird, and it seems more and more likely i'm gonna go for a Maths degree, but what sort of job am I wanting? Not high school maths teacher anyway.

Bastard school kids are off next week

..and end.

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We are the knights who say UNI [27 Sep 2006|06:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The intro to this song sounds very 80's-ish, probably why I like it . So, I'm back to uni finally, with mixed feelings about being back. This year I'm only doing Maths and Computing Science which is a plus but not sure how much I actually like most of computing..

Tuesday, or yesterday to you people who read this today. Had to get up at 7am for the first time ( not including work) in almost a year. It was harsh. Calculus first, a young woman lecturer :-O The average maths lecturer is old and very bearded. She seems alright.

Analysis after that, which is just more maths. The room was so fucking hot, couldn't concentrate at all. Bearded old guy again, *phew*

Next I headed to the Modern Languages building for "Data Structures and Algorithms 2" but no one turned up. A fresher asked me about Maths 1R and I somehow knew which building it was in and the room, she probably thought I was lying though ( I wasn't! ). Anyway, back to my adventure - we were told to go to THE BASEMENT OF THE ART MUSEUM. wtf. No really, there was a lecture hall down there, another young woman lecturer, teaching programming! She doesn't seem too fun.

Today I woke up at 6:20am and actually felt fairly fresh, didn't need to get out of bed yet though so at 6:50 when alarm went off I was tired again. Got the train to Uni with Scott ( with far less school people at 8am thankfully ) then we went to gym, with Dorman following shortly after.

More maths after that, and the room was even warmer. There's no way I can sit in that class all year if they don't fix the temperature. I might actually just change the air-con dial myself! Argh, look what the heat is turning me into, some sort of temperature changing monster!

Computer Systems 2 - Worst lecture ever, no structure and he just kept asking the class all the questions, which no one knew apart from the people resitting shouting answers from the back occasionally. I really hope that was just an intro and it'll stop being so shit.

Had an hour break so went to lunch with Dorman but sadly he has a diet of only Red Bull so it was a short lunch. Went a walk to the gameshop on/near Ashton Lane then went back to the QMU and spent TEN POUND! on stationary and big folders.

Algorithmic Foundations turned out to just be Discrete Mathematics which is good I guess. Decent lecturer, pretty much my only one though. He managed to make some pretty boring stuff interesting, seems like we're doing the same sort of work in all my classes actually.. anyway, he managed to ruin The Sopranos for me talking about season 6, just mentioning some massive spoiler in passing the bastard!

So yeah, bit worried about the lack of note taking my modules are giving this year, but other than that it's been okay so far. Oh, and I promise I won't go into so much detail with each class in future, I wanted to remember what i thought at start of year though :-P

It's annoying how you can get to 2nd year at uni and still have idiots in your class :-(

Anyway, in non uni related news i've been having really vivid dreams last few nights for first time in ages. Nothing very interesting is happening in them (not that I can really remember now) but they always seem real at time.

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Scared of Sun, scared of light. [15 Sep 2006|05:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I really don't like myspace, however I really like The Sopranos! How the hell did I manage to go so long without watching it. If you like gangster films you'll def. like it.

I haven't done much of interest recently, to everyones surprise I'm sure.. dunno if I mentioned this on my other blog but Little Miss Sunshine is probably the best film out this year. Not really laugh out loud funny ( although it is at parts ) but I just left it feeling really happy. Go see it.

Yesterday then? Went to the gym with Scott, John is still missing in action. I'm still crap, infact on one weight machine I went down a level somehow.. slow process becomming mega-buff I guess :P After gym we got subway up to Glasgow to meet Karen and Jace at UGC to see The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, new Will Ferrell film. That is laugh out loud funny pretty much the entire movie. Baby Jesus, lol. I'm not gonna quote it even though I want to because it'll just be annoying to the people who haven't seen it.

With the film done we headed home with what was supposed to be a quick stop at Morrissons. Old woman serving us was unbelieveably slow, to the point where it seemed like we were on a hidden camera show. It was a fairly short queue ( we were able to put our food on conveyer belt if that helps your perspective ) and it still took like 15 - 20 minutes. Oh, and old guy threw one of the separators at Scott, heh.

Nothing much happened since then, payday today so i'm rich but not rich enough for new iMac :(

I've had two showers today and I still feel a bit rough..

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Life [05 Sep 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Blah, mixed emotions tonight and another small update. Recently found out a guy I used to speak to on the internet just died. I didn't even know him that well but I just find it so horrible the way things like this happen. He had 3 small kids and a wife, and then Steve Irwin yesterday, it's just all depressed me. I think it's worse because I don't believe in God or the after life. Maybe there is something else but my beliefs are closer to - that's us once we die. I just don't look forward to it. Even more than my own death I don't want the people I love to die, and it's obviously inevitable. Most of my life I've only ever really seen old people die, and although it's sad when they're close to you ( like my gran was ) it doesn't seem so bad when the persons had a full life.

Anyway, the point of this post is you shouldn't take life for granted - enjoy it while you can.

If you think this is emo - I don't care.

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Tomorrow will be different [05 Sep 2006|07:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I laughed out loud, twice.

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I tongue kissed a coke fiend [04 Sep 2006|12:43pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Got up at 7am this morning and first thing I seen was Steve Irwin died, depressed me for most of the morning :(


website free tracking

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[face_plain] [03 Sep 2006|07:23pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I think i've become institutionalized, except my prison is Dunnes Stores. Worked the last 6 days now, with nothing of interest to say about it. Got asked to work tomorrow and I stupidly agreed :-( Starting at 8am but should get away fast.. I spend the time imagining how i'll spend all this money anyway :-P

Hm, nothing to say now that i've actually started this blog, I think I missed one of the house parties last night because my sister never told me but ah well, played Saints Row : GTA Clone. It improves on most things wrong with gta except the atmosphere is no where near as cool or funny. They still have radio stations but not the same. It's still worth getting though, has online modes.

Well, hopefully next time they'll be more going on in my life.

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